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“I was 256lbs. now I am 195lbs. I can’t tell you how much you have changed my life and how amazing I feel now. Medically I’m doing great and physically I’m in the best shape of my life. I ran into an old friend from high school the other day and she said that I haven’t changed since school. What an awesome feeling! Thank you Nick for doing what you do. It changes people’s life…. Seriously” - Galen G.


“Both Nick and Travis go above and beyond! They are not only excellent trainers but they are both genuinely excellent human beings as well. The space is great! So much room, it is very clean and has excellent equipment. I always leave there feeling like I had a great workout and in a better mood than when I walked in. I highly recommend NEFA!” – Ashley H.



“Great staff and great classes! The facility is super clean and spacious!” – Ashley K.


“NEFA, is terrific. I LOVE the space. It’s so large and you feel like you have room to exercise without worrying if you are going to bump into anyone. I also love the friendly atmosphere. I’ve been going for a couple weeks and have already met new people who help encourage me while I’m working out. The trainers run a very non-intimidating class but still are right there encouraging you and fixing your form. You get an amazing workout each and every time. The schedule of classes with so much variety works great for me too.” – Angela S.


“Great staff that really cares. Group classes that fit my schedule.” – Julie C.


“Fun classes that will kick your butt. Great staff, great equipment and affordable prices! This gym is great for not just athletes but all levels of fitness!!” – Myles M.


“Welcoming trainers and a beautiful space! So excited to start my fitness journey at NEFA!!!” – Krista M.

I want to brag about Marisa Risbara for a little bit. She puts on an AMAZING Strength class. She is knowledgeable, will take the time to answer your questions and work with you on your form and if you need modifications for anything. She came over and worked with me to help me with modified chin ups and then made me feel good about it after! Being a heavy set woman chin ups are very intimidating for me and she was so encouraging and motivated me and reminded me that I could do it. She gives everyone high fives at the end of class and makes you feel accomplished and great about the work you put in. Nicholas Peirce and Travis Guerrette have some great people on the team for the NEFA family. Alisha Starbird and Rachel Pelletier put on an amazing Barre class. Alisha made my coworker who came to Barre for the first time yesterday feel so welcome. Michaela Despins I have only done one class with but her kick boxing was amazing and kicked my butt! Thank you to everyone at NEFA for always starting my day off on a great foot and being so welcoming. You all rock! 

- Ashley H.

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