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We have a 6,000 square foot facility right in the heart of Windham, ME. An open concept gym, well-appointed with new equipment and an expert staff, NEFA is the premier training facility in the Sebago Lakes region. We are passionate about helping our clients become the best and healthiest versions of themselves, while making sure we have some fun along the way.


At NEFA, we’re about more than just fitness. We’re a family supported by a team of coaches dedicated to offering guidance and knowledge to you. Not only will you be working towards your goals each and every day, but you will be surrounded by a fun and encouraging community that goes beyond the walls. Everyone starts somewhere, when you start with us you will LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.




Large Group Class

Guided by one of our qualified coaches, these classes have proven to improve the health and wellness of everyone. Surround yourself with a fitness community that creates a motivational environment to workout in. Our classes are designed to meet the needs of everyone to ensure a positive fitness experience is met. With many different classes to choose from there is something for everyone. Bootcamp, Tabata, Cardio Circuit, Strength Camp, Barre SilverSneaker Classics and more! 


Personal Training

Work 1-on-1 with a qualified and educated coach of your choosing to create an individualized program for your body and goals. Our coaches provide an initial consultation using the latest scientific techniques to deliver a comprehensive head-to-toe assessment that will assist in goal setting and  to ensure the program's effectiveness. Monthly check-ins to reevaluate goals and measurements will take place to help keep you on track.



Led by our experienced and certified SilverSneakers instructor, our fitness class combines cardiovascular exercises, strength training, balance work, and flexibility exercises. Each session is carefully crafted to improve overall health, mobility, and functional fitness, helping you maintain independence and vitality as you age. This fitness program designed specifically for older adults, typically those aged 65 and older, although this program has a benefit for everyone and may accept participants as young as 50.

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Small Group Training

Our coaches are dedicated in creating  a comprehensive workout programs that offers a strategic blend of strength, cardio, mobility, and athletic movements. Small group training has proven to be very effective in reaching individual goals making this our most cost-effective means of training. With a 1:6 coach to client ratio we will ensure a semi-personalized experience is met for every individual to each client’s fitness level. This program is perfect for those looking to increase their strength, lose body fat, and receive top notch programming.


Youth Fitness

With a passion of working with youth we have developed a training program that suits any fitness level. Whether you are looking to make a change for yourself or improve your athletic performance, we have it. Our focus is building a solid base by emphasizing form and technique. Integrating athletic movements and low-impact strength training to increase confidence and comfortable moving their bodies in a safe way. As the individual progresses, so does their training programs. Our specialized coaches create a fun, motivating atmosphere for youth to grow and become their full potential​


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Nicholas has his B.S. in Exercise Science from the University of Southern Maine. He grew up in the small town of Exeter Maine and attended Dexter Regional High School. At an early age Nicholas developed a love for a multitude of different sports which guided him to his current career path. While attending DRHS, Nicholas was a multi-sport athlete and then... READ MORE




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